Our Elopement

Here is everything we spent $$ on in order to elope in the City of Love! For a complete price break down, feel free to contact me directly and I will be happy to share!

Flights OKC to Paris:  Using airline miles we had saved up from previous trips we were able to save roughly. I highly recommend you signing up for American Airlines Rewards program because you can put them to good use on big flights like this! Going right before peak travel season can help you cut the cost as well. You also can stay local for an elopement!

Wedding Attire: John’s tux , my Dress from BHLDN, both of our shoes, veil + belt from The Bridal Boutique- Norman alterations and earrings. Definitely take in consideration your destination before picking out attire! Mountains = hiking boots/flowy dress? City: tux & cathedral length veil? Beach: khakis and barefoot?

Rachel McCarthy Photography

Flowers: Paris is full of floral shops, so I went into one with inspiration photos and the shop owner created my wedding bouquet effortlessly! I have seen brides make their own bouquets from YouTube tutorials, using flowers from Trader Joes, Uptown Grocers, or SAMS. Do not feel like you have to go to a florist to have a beautiful bouquet!

Designing my bouquet!

Venue: Free! We chose the Pont Bir Haikem Bridge to get married on since it included the Siene River, Eiffel Tower in the background, and lush trees nearby. Literally we just walked right up and people gave us respect + space to enjoy our ceremony. Try to see if you can do this in the place you want to elope in because you’ll save major $$. Oklahoma: Wichita Mountains, Great Salt Plains, an abandoned field, Lake Hefner, parking garage rooftop, Turner Falls, etc!

Officiant: Free! Our premarital counselor was friends with a pastor in Oklahoma who had moved to Paris to start a ministry. He sent an email and ta-da! Paul, our officiant, met us in Paris and did our ceremony for free. He was not an ordained minister so we got legally married in OK first. You could do the same or just read personal vows to one another!!!

Us right after we got married at the courthouse in OK!

Vendors: Charles Gillman Cosmetics was my MUA (he was fabulous, I so enjoyed getting ready with him), Rachel McCarthy was our photographer, and Tuan Ngyuen with Ping Pang Films was our videographer! All 3 of them nailed it. I couldn’t be happier with their services. Since you are eloping there is no need for your vendors to be around for a full 8 hours. We hired each of them for 2 hours and got a 3 minute wedding video and over 500 pictures! Find vendors who have discounted rates (like meeee!!!) for elopements.

Hotel: We stayed at Hotel Mercure Tour Eiffel . This is the only thing I would have changed about our day! Instead of paying for an Eiffel Tower view, I would have much rather payed for a bigger hotel room to get ready in. However, we only walked 5 minutes to get to our venue which was very ideal! This saved us time, the stress of finding everyone a cab, and $$ for transportation.

By eloping we were able to plan better for our future in regards to finances! Since many family members wanted to pay for flights + hotels + bridal accessories as a gift to us, we paid out of pocket a very small amount. If you eloped locally I truly believe you could do it on less than $1,500. Hope this could help, I wish you the best planning your elopement!


How To Elope

The decision to elope was a natural one. Over the course of John and I’s relationship we have always prioritized traveling & we’re both kind of known for going against the grain + tradition — so getting married abroad wasn’t a huge shock to our friends + family! Here’s a little bit of tips + tricks and advice for those wanting to forgo a wedding and plan an epic elopement:

1. Where?!

⁃ Pick a place that expresses who you are as a couple!! John has been to Paris twice and I’ve been once, but we’ve never been together. We both adore Paris for its classic/elegant style and with it being the “City Of Love” my cheesy self wanted to marry him under the Eiffel Tower!!! Europe has so many cool spots (Iceland + Italy are really popular lately!!), the Caribbean is breathtaking, Asian culture is uniquely colorful…the list goes on and on!! Know that you don’t have to go overseas to elope, a rooftop in OKC could be insane!!!

2. Know the Laws.

⁃ Getting married in another country is either really complicated or super chill. You’ll need to read up on the countries specific laws + regulations before going. You have to live in France for 40 days to legally get married there, so John and I had a “symbolic” ceremony in Paris. Beforehand, we legally got married in the state of Oklahoma!

3. Telling your Friends + Family

⁃ I feel like I kinda have an advantage in this category because I’d been telling everyone before we got engaged that I wanted to elope! Once we did start planning it, a ton of freaking feelings were hurt + everyone had their own opinions of what we should do but we knew we could not please everyone, and newsflash — it’s our day!!! Sit down, great aunt Sally. We did, however, still have traditions like my bachelorette party and wedding showers! We also had an intimate and casual “send off” party the weekend before we left to say farewell which made our loved ones feel included and we felt overwhelmed with support.

4. Finding Vendors.

⁃ Try to follow/read some elopement blogs of the specific city you want to get married in. I followed @elopeinparis, @elopementlove, and @intimateweddings all on Instagram and found my MUA, photographer, and videographer. All of them had contracts, deposits, and excellent client reviews, so I felt comfortable wiring money half way around the world to secure their services. Be picky — it’s your wedding day and you need reliable, kind people to surround yourselves with. All of our vendors exceeded our expectations and I am so glad we hired them!

5. Stick to Your Decision!

⁃ You bought the ticket, booked the vendors, and told all your friends and family..so stick with your decision!! Family & friend pressure/guilt is a real friggin’ thing that I had to deal with, but in the end John and I knew this day was supposed to be about celebrating our love and honoring our Lord. Anything that got in the way of that we shot down immediately and our wedding day + start to our marriage is better because of it.

Hope this could help guide you in planning an elopement or think to yourself “no way, I still want a wedding”! Whatever you decide to do, stay true to who you are as a couple and enjoy the most important day of your life!!


Brit/Vid is here! 

I’m a huge believer that 1) nothing worthwhile comes from comfort zones, 2) Jesus places dreams on our hearts + talent in our hands to magnify His kingdom, and 3) it’s better to choke on greatness than to nibble on mediocrity.

Some back story for ya: I love to travel with my sweetheart and capture our adventures through film. A slow motion shot of Johns hair blowing in the wind complimented by dramatic music? I’m so there. I have also been obsessed with wedding videos since I was 15 and after I got engaged I realized how dang expensive wedding videographers are!!! I’m talking 2k and up….how many of my friends can afford that?! I’d rather spend that money going to Brazil. or Tahiti. or Paris to make out with John under the Eiffel Tower.

Sooo…I picked up a camera and started playing around. I studied wedding videos harder than any college final and taught myself a lot this past summer. I told my fiancé, my parents, and my girls Kayla and Blair about my dream and all of them said “YOU CAN DO THIS”. and Brit/Vid was born!

I want to be a blessing to couples as I tell their stories through film which is why I want to be a videographer with affordable rates. Please click on “Brit/Vid Investment” in the Menu Bar to see prices. Contact: hellobritvid@gmail.com 


Twenty-Four hours in Boulder 

*que “Closer” by The Chainsmokers* 

Quickest trip of my life – lol. I flew in Monday and flew out 24 hours later on Tuesday! Needless to say, I freakin love my friends and they’re so worth it. I go on and on about Gap Year pretty much because I found “my people” through this program. It was the first Kivu Wedding and we all got together after 3 years to celebrate Blair and her man Blake! 

When a group of us flew in we ate lunch at La Peep, and went out to a really cool bar, Attic located along the Pearl Street Mall where they had a farmers market set up. We went up to Flagstaff Mountain (three cheers for getting car/altitude sickness) where there was an overlook, biking trail, and walking path. When I lived in Denver for a semester I thought the mountains were so close…but in Boulder they really are just right at the tips of your fingers making downtown Boulder stunning!!!
 My flight out there from OKC was less than $200 and I had a free place to stay thanks to some friends of friends of friends. I would have loved to spend more time there so go the next you’re in Denver since it’s a quick 40 min drive from the city! 


Bachelorette Party in seaside, fl 

Wow, probably going to be dreaming about this weekend for the rest of my life! My dear friend I met on Gap Year, Blair, had her bachelorette party this past weekend in Seaside, FL! I grew up going to this little beach town in the panhandle for summer vacation so it was nostalgic being back! Here are some of my faves/recommendations down in The Sunshine State!  ​

Accommodations: We stayed in the cutest airBnB for the weekend which was a mile away from the beach! It also had a little neighborhood pool. Seaside in my opinion is a bit more on the pricy side so if you want the beauty of Seaside but not the hit to your bank account, stay in Destin 30 min away! You can rent our AirBNB HERE 

Beaches: Santa Rosa Beach, Seagrove Beach, and Grayton State Beach Park are all stunning and considered “Seaside”! Closer to the bigger city of Destin is Miramar Beach and Henderson State Beach Park (WHICH IS WHERE IM GETTING MARRIED!!!) You can’t go wrong with beaches in the panhandle! 

Food/Nightlife: Bud & Alleys, FrostBites, The Taco Shack, The Red Bar, Chiringos, and AJ’s are some of my faves!!! We had a blast singing and dancing all night and grabbing a snow cone down in the Seaside Square. There are many many options for food and they have Publix pretty much everywhere if you want to make something at your beach house! 
So glad I got to celebrate one of my best friends in the prettiest town, and freakin PUMPED that next summer I’m here…it’ll be to marry the LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!! 


Weekend in Miami 

After our cruise docked back in the states, we decided to spend a couple days exploring Miami before returning home! Here are my top things to do if you have a couple days in south Florida. 
We stayed in south beach at Hotel Breakwater. It was right in the heart of all the clubs and bands, and it was directly across from the beach. Some awesome places to check out are the Wynwood Walls, and the Bayside Market! Wynwood is a cool neighborhood full of murals on all the building that will take your breath away! Bayside Market is a shopping center on the water and John and I took a boat tour through Island Queen Tours to see all the mansions and yachts–well worth $25 per person! Our second day we went to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens! This was a phenomenal mansion with the gardens inspired by the Palace of Versailles. Many people even have their weddings here! Bring your student ID and get in for just $10. Secondly we stopped by a district known as Little Havana, where the majority of residents are Cubans! We had lunch at a popular bar called Ball and Chain and listened to live music! Overall, I wouldn’t opt to spend a week in Miami, but it makes for the best little weekend trip if you’re up for it!


Swimming with dolphins in Honduras 

Day 4 of our cruise was in Roatan Honduras! I wasn’t sure what to expect when we got off the ship but Roatan seriously impressed me so much! We decided to swim and snorkel with dolphins at Anthony’s Key Resort and John and I agree this was the best excursion we have ever taken! For the first 30 minutes about 8 of us stood in a single file line while Gracie, the beautiful dolphin, showed us her tricks, let us pet her, and she even brought over her baby at the end for us to see! The trainer was so knowledgeable and respectful of her. There was one trick that Gracie did not want to perform, so she didn’t…no punishment, no forcefulness, the trainer just said “okay! on to the next thing”. 
​​For the second portion of the excursion the dolphins (all 15 of them!) swam freely in the ocean while we snorkeled alongside them! It was absolute magic. They swam all around us and even the two babies were able to interact with us a little! I highly recommend you do this excursion with Anthony’s Key if you even find yourself in Honduras!