Brit/Vid is here! 

I’m a huge believer that 1) nothing worthwhile comes from comfort zones, 2) Jesus places dreams on our hearts + talent in our hands to magnify His kingdom, and 3) it’s better to choke on greatness than to nibble on mediocrity.

Some back story for ya: I love to travel with my sweetheart and capture our adventures through film. A slow motion shot of Johns hair blowing in the wind complimented by dramatic music? I’m so there. I have also been obsessed with wedding videos since I was 15 and after I got engaged I realized how dang expensive wedding videographers are!!! I’m talking 2k and up….how many of my friends can afford that?! I’d rather spend that money going to Brazil. or Tahiti. or Paris to make out with John under the Eiffel Tower.

Sooo…I picked up a camera and started playing around. I studied wedding videos harder than any college final and taught myself a lot this past summer. I told my fiancé, my parents, and my girls Kayla and Blair about my dream and all of them said “YOU CAN DO THIS”. and Brit/Vid was born!

I want to be a blessing to couples as I tell their stories through film which is why I want to be a videographer with affordable rates. Please click on “Brit/Vid Investment” in the Menu Bar to see prices. Contact: hellobritvid@gmail.com 


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