Swimming with dolphins in Honduras 

Day 4 of our cruise was in Roatan Honduras! I wasn’t sure what to expect when we got off the ship but Roatan seriously impressed me so much! We decided to swim and snorkel with dolphins at Anthony’s Key Resort and John and I agree this was the best excursion we have ever taken! For the first 30 minutes about 8 of us stood in a single file line while Gracie, the beautiful dolphin, showed us her tricks, let us pet her, and she even brought over her baby at the end for us to see! The trainer was so knowledgeable and respectful of her. There was one trick that Gracie did not want to perform, so she didn’t…no punishment, no forcefulness, the trainer just said “okay! on to the next thing”. 
​​For the second portion of the excursion the dolphins (all 15 of them!) swam freely in the ocean while we snorkeled alongside them! It was absolute magic. They swam all around us and even the two babies were able to interact with us a little! I highly recommend you do this excursion with Anthony’s Key if you even find yourself in Honduras!


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